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Think of TLC as an extension of your personal network. We are parents, child care professionals, human resource managers, nanny placement counselors, and employers of nannies. Like you, we understand that there is nothing more important than the care our loved-ones receive.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have intimate knowledge of the needs of parents and extensive experience matching families with caregivers. Working with TLC means partnering with an agency that treats every family and every caregiver with dignity and respect. We make every effort to understand the unique needs of the family and of the applicants.

We pride ourselves on the longevity of our team. Most of the Office staff members have been working with TLC for over 15 years. That means you get the advantage of our experience!

We offer a distinct advantage that set us apart from other agencies and care websites. We are a group of professional people, not a website, working with you and for you to find the right fit! Call us we are here for you.

Angela Lehmann, Vice President

Angela has been involved with TLC since she entered college in 1987. After working as a temporary nanny for five years, Angela joined the office staff in 1992. She specializes in matching families with the best available temporary nannies. She also coordinates TLC's newborn and postpartum care as well as group child care for events, meetings, weddings and religious organizations. Her experience and incredible attention to detail keep TLC organized and efficient. She always does her best to accommodate all of your special requests and needs. Please ask for Angela when you need help in our
temporary division!

Angela has also been active in the International Nanny Association where she has
presented workshops and consulted with many agencies in the development of their temporary services. Angela volunteers with Clowder House foundation, a no-kill cat shelter in St. Louis City. In her free time, Angela enjoys Cardinals baseball, travel, and cooking.

picture: Angela

picture: Jessica

Jennifer Bevan, Recruiting & Hiring Specialist

Jennifer, proud mother of three (including a set of twins!) joined TLC with a solid background in recruiting, staffing, and human resource management as well as a strong understanding of the needs of today’s busy families. After receiving her Bachelors in Psychology Eastern Illinois University, she spent 14 years as a Human Resource Specialist for Drury Hotels. For many of those years she worked from a home office while raising her children as a consultant. She spent her last few years developing a cultural homestay program interviewing and hiring international college students coming to the U.S. to work and to experience America. Since then she has worked as a Staffing and Talent Acquisition Specialist for a local staffing firm.

As a Recruiting and Hiring Specialist for TLC, Jennifer reviews incoming applications for candidates interested in working as nannies, reaching out to various organizations to talk about working for TLC, placing ads, and communicating with the current nanny staff to bring in more qualified nannies. She will be conducting phone screens, face to face interviews, and completing references to ensure that only the most qualified nannies are working for TLC.

Jennifer’s busy life includes going to soccer practices and games, attending cross country races and track meets, assisting in Girl Scout events, and taking walks with her girls. Although usually not very adventurous, she did jump off of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and, a few months after that, went sky diving.

Maria Goggio, Director of Personnel

Maria, mother of two, joined TLC in 1999 when her children were young as TLC’s After Hours Emergency Services Coordinator. While Maria has worn many hats at TLC, she became TLC's Director of Personnel in 2010. She is currently responsible for hiring all of the temporary nannies.

Maria handles interviewing and screening our temp nannies so that she is personally selecting only the best for our TLC member families. Several key elements are considered in evaluating our applicants. We select those with the best interview skills, strength of work history, experience with children of all ages in various settings, social media presence, availability, quality of feedback provided by references, criminal background, and responsiveness to the employee recruitment team.

Maria also coordinates CPR and continuing education for our caregivers.

picture: Maria

picture: Debbie

Debbie Hipp, Placement Director, Social Media Director.

Debbie is the mother of three young children. She has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration. Debbie started working with TLC as a babysitter while attending Saint Louis University in 1998. After her college graduation she did a year of volunteer work in Phoenix, AZ with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. When she returned to St. Louis, TLC was thrilled to transition her into the office as TLC Temporary Services Personnel Director.

Debbie became Director Of Permanent Placements where she held in depth consultations for nannies and families covering topics such as interviewing tips, negotiating compensation packages, and how to have a healthy and successful employment relationship.

Currently Debbie does all the screening and interviewing of TLC’s permanent nannies as well as social media and PR. She manages all Social Media and P.R. She is the writer for the TLC Blog and creator of the newsletters for clients and caregivers. Debbie also helps with website development. You can connect with Debbie on the TLC Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. She enjoys running, volunteering at the elementary school her children attend and driving them around to sporting events.

Adriana Vergara, Staffing Specialist

Adriana joined TLC Florida in May 2014 and is very happy to be a part of the TLC team! Born and raised in Miami, Adriana is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.

Before working at TLC, Adriana was a caregiver herself, and understands how important it is to provide each child with a safe and loving environment.

Adriana handles the screening process for temporary and permanent caregivers all over Florida. Including, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. She takes pride in finding high quality caregivers that are skilled and experienced. She makes a thorough assessment of each candidate through personal interview and employment history to make sure they have the skills needed to become a TLC nanny. She is also responsible for full-time and part-time permanent placements in Florida, matching families with our nannies. She advises each family on what they should expect during the hiring process.

Adriana works with each family personally and individually to understand their needs and find the best match. Her goal is to match every TLC family with the nanny that not only meets their daily needs, but is the best fit for their children based on their personality, education, childcare background, and skills.

In addition to her job at TLC, Adriana is currently studying Music Performance at Miami Dade College. As someone who is very involved in the community, she is committed to providing the best service possible to the diverse TLC families in South Florida.

picture: Adriana

picture: Stephanie and Sharon

About The Owners

Stephanie (St. Louis) and Sharon Graff (Miami), both mothers of two and former nanny employers, have dedicated their 30+ year careers to helping families secure safe reliable care for their loved ones. As working mothers, they both fully understand the emotional stress and physical time commitment involved in managing busy families. They have built TLC with a serious commitment to the safety, health and development of children, support and education of the nannies and sitters, and easy access for busy parents.

Together with the great team they have built, they continuously raise the bar for quality and professionalism. They have been closely involved with the International Nanny Association, helping to set industry standards for the employment of nannies, and they continually work within their communities to educate families on best practices for screening and hiring caregivers.

Sharon and Stephanie believe that both their clients and their nannies should get the personal attention that they deserve. Their motto, "We take your family’s needs very personally,” is the reason they have been in business for over 30 years. Integrity, trust, and exceptional care are the guiding principles that drive TLC.

Stephanie has been running/managing the St. Louis office since she graduated from Emory University in 1989. Since then, Stephanie has dedicated her time to managing a superior staff of professionals who recruit interview, screen, train and match nannies and families. With a commitment to unparalleled customer service, she is constantly working with our programmers on upgrades that make our client experience easy and painless. As a working mother herself, she is committed to making life easier for working mothers by maintaining the best staff of nannies and babysitters who are ready when parents need them.

Sharon has been at the helm of TLC since she founded the agency in 1985. She has been a pioneer in the nanny industry and served on Board of Directors for The International Nanny Association for 16 years, establishing the first standards for nanny agencies and employment of nannies in the U.S. Sharon attended Washington University and Hampshire college where she studied communications and women's studies. Her thesis on women in leadership in the 1980s led her to develop one of the first on-call networks of nannies in North America. Today she serves as a consultant for agencies and continues to work to improve and grow TLC with her sister, Stephanie and her husband, Gregg. After raising two wonderful children with the help of great nannies, Sharon expanded TLC into South Florida where she has lived since 1992.


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