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TLC On-Call Nannies, Babysitters & Companions

When you need care in a pinch, or a regularly scheduled sitter it helps to have the most trusted resource in your back pocket. TLC has an extensive list of local professionally screened, experienced on-call caregivers available for days, evenings, week-ends, and round-the-clock care. Our short-term placement consultants are ready to set you up with hand selected sitters! 

Our Standard of Excellence:

We select caregivers with safety and excellence in mind. The TLC staff thoroughly screens every caregiver that joins our care team. We are known for our stringent requirements and our extensive evaluation process.

     Using TLC sitters is easy and convenient. Sign up for our membership today or use TLC as a visitor!

Use TLC as a Member

• $75 membership fee /$45 annual renewal
• $20.00 Daily Agency Fee
• Caregiver paid per hour rate for 4 hour min.


Use TLC as a Visitor

• No fee to join
• $40.00 Daily Agency Fee
• Caregiver paid per hour rate for 4 hour min.


Fees and policies:

• There is an agency fee and a caregiver fee for each visit.
• Caregivers are paid directly by the client at the end of each visit including any parking or valet.
• The non-refundable agency fee will be charged to your Credit Card for every TLC visit upon confirmation of the sitter.
• There is a $10 surcharge for same day, sick care, Newborn Care, overnights, New Years Eve, service.
• Sitters are to be paid time and a half on all major holidays.

•  The client's credit card will be charged the agency set-up fee following a confirmation call to the client for the visit. This fee covers the agency's work in setting up the visit. It is not refundable.

• 24 hours notice is required for caregiver cancellation or you will be responsible for paying the caregiver fee (4 hour minimum).


• Call 305.256.5905, email, or submit requsts for care on-line here.
• Our office is open from 8 am- 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday & 10 am-5 pm Saturdays.
• Emergency Service hours (message checks and callbacks) are from 6:30AM - 9:30PM CST.
• We prefer 24 hour notice, but require at least 3 hours to arrange a caregiver.
• For major sporting events, concerts, New Year's Eve, and school holidays advance notice suggestd.
• To request a specific caregiver, try to give a one week notice.


All TLC Caregivers must meet the following requirements before they can work with our clients:

• Minimum two year experience
• Extensive on-line application
• Professional Personal Interview
• References checked and former employment verified
• Social media footprint check
• Extensive criminal background investigation
• Verification of Social Security Number as well as another form of legal identificatio
• CPR and First Aid Training
• Ongoing continuing education

Services Per Day
Agency Fee
Caregiver Fee
(4 hour minimum)


Daytime & Evening care $20.00 $40.00

$15.00/hr* (1-3 children)
$1/hr per additional child.  
(Rates will vary for Newborn & Special Needs Care.)

After Hours
Same-Day Care
Sick care
$30.00 $40.00 $15.00/hr* (1-3 children)
$1.00/hr per additional child.
Overnight care (6pm-8am) $25.00 $40.00 $100.00 (1-3 children)
$10.00 Per Additional Child)
Around the clock care $30.00 $40.00 $200.00 (1-3 children)
$10.00 Per Additional Child
Travel Nannies $30.00 $40.00
$175.00-$250.00 per day
plus room/board/travel expenses
Call for individual pricing
Newborn Care $30.00 $40.00 Singleton $18-$25 p/ hour
Twins $20-$30 per hour
Long-term temporary placements   Call TLC for rates  

All of the above rates are MINIMUM allowable rates.
• Last-minute and hard-to-fill locations may require a fuel-surcharge/transportation fee.
• Rates will vary on major holidays.
• Tipping for a job well done is always appreciated by caregivers.

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