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Newborn Care Services
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Coming home with a new baby or babies will probably be the most beautiful and the most hectic time you've ever known. It can be exhausting and overwhelming even for the most seasoned of parents.

Any family welcoming a new baby can use a helping hand.

TLC's Newborn Care Specialists, also known as "Postpartum Doulas" and "Baby Nurses," join our staff based on their vast newborn experience and have been carefully selected and thoroughly screened by our professional staff. Our specialists are available to educate, support and assist you so you may enjoy your role as new parents and get some much-needed rest!

Our Newborn Care Specialists are available around the clock.

Newborn Care: Overnights
(typical time 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.)

TLC’s overnight caregivers will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s sleep! Most overnight caregivers work 4 to 7 nights per week. Our overnight caregivers specialize in caring for multiples! Let our overnight caregivers help you be your best for your busy day.

Newborn Care: Daytime
(typical time 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

TLC daytime Newborn Nannies are perfect for the new or experienced parent who wants an extra set of hands to help care for the new baby. Parents can rest, go to doctors' appointments, spend time with siblings, and get a little much-needed relief. TLC’s Newborn Nannies have been specially selected from our experienced temporary staff. They can also care for siblings when needed..

Our Newborn Care Specialists will assist you in all areas of new baby care including:

• feeding • swaddling
• playing • changing
• preparing bottles • bathing
• circumcision care • breastfeeding support
• sibling care • organizing baby's room
• umbilical cord care

Our Newborn Care Specialists also help manage the household and create an environment for a restful recovery:

• prepare meals • run errands
• tidy the house • sibling care

Additional Training

TLC Newborn and infant care providers take professional development classes throughout the year that specialize in newborn and postpartum care. All providers have at least 2 years of infant care experience, are CPR certified and have completed the TLC background and screening process. Many of all caregivers have certifications through various Postpartum and Newborn Care Specialist programs.

Fees and Minimums

To arrange for a TLC infant care provider TLC requires a current membership and contract on file. TLC will assign a caregiver based on your specifications. There is a daily agency fee and a caregiver fee for each visit. Caregivers are paid directly by the client at the end of each visit.

For parents wishing to review profiles of potential candidates a deposit of $250 is required. This deposit covers the $75 TLC membership fee (good for a year), the $25 profile review fee, and 5 visits at $30 per visit.

Newborn Care Specialists, Night nannies and Postpartum Doula salaries vary based on experience, training, and number of children. Caregivers make between $15-$25 per hour with most receiving $18-$25.

Newborn Care-Overnights
Newborn Care-Daytime
Newborn Care Specialist
Minimum visits: n/a n/a

5 Days

Minimum hours: 7 hrs. 4 hrs. N/A
Typical visit: 5 nights/wk
2-12 weeks
10 p.m.-6 a.m.
5 days/wk
2-12 weeks
8 a.m. - 5 p.m
2 - 6 weeks
(Appropriate sleep-time and off-time required)
Deposit for Service
$250 Non-Refundable Deposit
• $100 Membership/Profile Review
• 5 caregiver visits at $30 per day
$250 Non-Refundable Deposit
• $100 Membership/Profiile Review
• 5 caregiver visits at $30 per day
$250 Non-Refundable Deposit - Includes annual membership and Is deducted from final agency fee.
Per-Visit Agency Fee $30 per visit $30 per visit N/A - Agency bills 25% of total caregiver compensation upon engagement.
Caregiver Fee:

Interview Fee



$350-$650 per day
$350 - $650 per day


To reserve a TLC Newborn Care Provider, it is advisable to give at least 2 months notice. Please complete the Newborn Care Program Application and send that in with your deposit. Call TLC at 305-256-5905 for application.

With the exception of scheduled deliveries and adoptions, availability of Newborn Care may vary from day to day. We will make our best effort to provide service when requested.

Reserve Newborn Care

About some of TLC's Newborn Specialists:

Miami-Dade County Newborn Overnights

Mary-Ann: Mary-Ann has been a newborn care specialist in Miami for the past 7 years. She educates new parents on all aspects of newborn care, from breast feeding to swaddling. Mary-Ann knows how overwhelming it can feel to have a new baby in the home. She is soothing and she's always looking for ways to support postpartum mothers both emotionally and physically. Our agency loves her, and our clients love her! She is calm and amazingly adaptable to all situations. Mary-Ann has also been a nanny and adult companion for many families. One of her references even refers to her as an Angel!

Patricia : Patricia has been a nanny for over 20 years. She was an Au Pair in England before coming to the US. She loves taking care of newborns and giving parents advise on caring for infants. She is available for overnights and day-time visits. She is CPR certified, bilingual and has experience with multiples.

Gertrudis: Gertrudis has over 10 years of experience caring for infants and children of all ages. She has also had experience with multiples and preemies. riginally from Paraguay, Gertrudis is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Spanish. She loves working with newborns and spends time taking classes and researching the latest methods in supporting new parents with their infants. Gertrudis is married and has 2 children, ages 10 and 12.

Rosy: Rosy is offering over 20 years of childcare experience and proficiency in assimilating into a new family culture. She has worked as a nanny and overnight newborn caregiver. Rosy began working with children when she was in school and began to pursue a degree in Child Psychology. She then decided that she wanted to dedicate herself full-time to providing private child care and newborn care, which she has been doing ever since. She has extensive experience providing care for babies as young as 1 week old as well as providing support

Midtown, Brickell, Miami Beach Newborn Overnights

Antonine: Besides being a seasoned, experienced nanny for over 18 years and a favorite babysitter in Miami Hotels, Antonine, who loves to further her education, recently became trained as Newborn Care Specialist. She is is also CPR certified and available for days, Evenings, week-ends and overnights.

Amber: Amber is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a mother of 2. She is committed to educating parents and helping them with the transition into parenthood. She is a strong advocate of parent infant bonding and will support mother's in breastfeeding.

Patricia D: Better known at TLC as the Bahamian Baby whisperer has a special magic with infants. Her calm and soothing nature plus her 10 years experience helps new parents gain confidence and much needed rest and serenity during the early days and weeks home with a new baby. Patricia is CPR certified.

Gloria B: Gloria’s calling is working with babies and their parents. Gloria has over 15 years of expertise as an Infant Care Specialist. She has extensive experience caring for infants and toddlers, including multiples and preemies. She also has experience in sleep coaching, lactation education, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and American sign Language.

Maria: Maria is one of our most requested night nannies on Miami Beach. While she loves working with children of all ages, she has a special place in her heart for assisting families with their new babies. It is her goal to give parents the help they need so that they can rest and recover. She is bilinguil speaking both English and Spanish. She also has experience working with multiples.

Broward County Newborn Overnights

Norma: is an experienced baby nurse that has experience working with twins, triplets, and quads. Norma specializes in 24 hour care which includes putting the babies on a sleep schedule. Norma's references describe her as amazing, caring, and unbelieveable. One reference said, "Norma was my baby nurse for three months and she was amazing. She set my twins on a sleep schedule and it allowed me a chance to relax. She was really unbelievable."

Dawna: Dawna is a certified Birth Doula and Midwife Assistant providing education, advocacy, and support to expecting families during pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum period. Being a mother herself, her passion and experience surrounding birth, parenting, and the newborn are key ingredients to help keeping a new family confident, and on track during their transformation into parenthood.

Carmen: Carmen is a career nanny of 25 years specializing in newborns and toddlers. She is a certified Doula, Newborn Sleep Trainer and a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is loving, patient and extremely experienced in caring for newborns. She consider the safety, education, and privacy of the families she works for to be of utmost importance.

Boca Raton Newborn Overnights

Juneevan: Juneevan puts the C in Caregiver. Besides being an experienced live-in Baby nurse and nanny for over 40 years she is also a great caregiver for the mom. She has worked with children aged from birth to preteen. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant and has worked in assisted living and adult day care facilities as well. Juneevan is experienced in all aspects of care from swaddling babies to creative play for toddlers and companionship for the elderly.

Kethrina: Kethrina has been working with children for many years and enjoys every moment of it. She completed coursework in childcare and hopes to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. Kethrina is also the Senior teacher and leader of the Children's Ministry at her church.

Palm Beach /Wellington/PGA Newborn Overnights

Jennifer A. With more than 30 years experience taking care of newborns, Jennifer brings caring, professional assistance to families when they bring home their new babies. Here is a quote from one of her references "Jennifer is amazing! She was our baby nurse for both of my children, who are only 17 months apart. She came in and rescued me, I had no idea what to do with my first son and she helped me with nursing, night feedings, laundry, and even organizing my kitchen. Then when my daughter was born she helped me as well and was even able to help with my son who was a little older by then. She is truly a godsend, I don't know what I would have done without her. She is so professional, punctual, and reliable. I recommend her 150%.

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