House and Pet Nannies
House Nannies
A TLC house nanny will provide daily care for your home while you are away. Your nanny will:
• rotate lights
• bring in mail and newspapers
• make your house look "lived in."

water the plants and lawn
• park in the driveway

Pet Nannies
A TLC pet nanny will visit up tothree times per day, or even live in your home while you are away. Your pet nanny will:
• Provide fresh food and water
• Be there for potty breaks
• Brush your pet
• Give lots of TLC

• Clean up accidents
• Scoop the litter box
• Go for walks

Your home and your pets are in capable hands, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your time away from home.


Reservations and Rates

Though we are happy to fill last-minute needs, the more lead time you can give us, the better match we can make!


Agency Fees (Credit Card Required)

Short Trip (1-2 days) $20
Medium Trip (3-6 days) $40
Long Trip (7-12 days) $60

Nanny Fees (per day)

House Nanny
1 visit per day $20
Live-in $30
Pet Nanny
1 visit per day $25
2 visits per day $35
3 visits per day or live-in $45

To book a TLC House and Pet Nanny, please fill out the TLC registration form today!


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